From Bio-waste to Power and Water
Technical and Financial Development of a Multi-fuel Containerized Power Plant.

The Rankine Group

The Rankine Group wishes to contribute the decrease of emissions of greenhouse gasses (GHG) by developing , promoting and realizing renewable energy projects where effective use of capital utilization, agroforestry potential and feedstock are combined with efficient utilization of technology.

The energy production-balance of several developing countries is characterized by high dependency on fossil fuels and limited utilization of (bio)residual stream – including biomass and (agro)waste.
More than once, fossil fuels are used in inefficient machines and technologies. Therefore, developing countries can benefit tremendously from taking measures to use energy resources effectively as well as adopt efficient renewable energy technologies whilst optimizing the deployment of capital.

The Rankine Group Develop, Design, Build, Finance, Maintain & Operate
(DBFMO) mid-market assets which demonstrates technical feasibility as well as commercial viability.

Through its service the Rankine Group realizes projects:

  • Using available residual streams to the highest energetic value (such as wood and MSW);
  • In the mid-market segment, thus servicing regional and/or off-grid users.

The Rankine Group deploys technology focusing on operational efficiency within the context of the local setting. Operational project realization and hands-on development are key within the Rankine Group. Moreover, economic development is paired with technical development ensuring that return generating capital is deployed.


The Economic Context

The Rankine Group has chosen to deliver the installation using the DBFMO model which has a market-driven approach. Meaning that the project needs to create the highest value against the lowest cost. Value can be measured in many ways: economic value, regional development value and or sustainability value. The Rankine Group believes that all these values should co-exist whiles developing the Asset.


The Technical Context

The installation is able to produce stable and continuous power due to utilization of proven technology with high operational efficiency.
In order to guarantee the successful construction, implementation of new technologies and delivery of a robust installation, Rankine Group has chosen to deliver the installation in standard containerized formats (modular system). As such a fast, simple and economic erection is secured.

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The Rankine Group is a limited liability company and managed by Hilux5, Janse Engineering & Construction Management and Everest Energy.